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A Message from our Chief Operating Officer regarding COVID-19


April 21, 2020

Dear: Sir/Madam,
This is a follow up message from our March 27, 2020 letter to clients.
Highland Helicopters continues to operate from all, but one, of our active bases and are able to support our satellite bases as well as remote locations. We want to assure you that the safety and health of our customers and employees remains our top priority.
Since our last update, Highland has continued to proactively take action to mitigate the risk of contracting COVID-19 within our facilities and on our aircraft.

Canadian Government New Requirement:

On April 17, 72020, Transport Canada issued “Interim Order No. 3” stating that “all travelers have a removable non-medical mask or face covering large enough to cover their mouth and nose during their travel through Canadian airports and in-flight.” For more information please see “Face Covering Requirements for Air Travelers” that is attached to the email you received with this update.
The majority of flights Highland conducts for our clients fall under the new Transport Canada requirement. As Highland is not able to provide non-medical masks or face coverings, passengers are required to obtain non-medical masks or face coverings themselves. We are working hard to obtain non-medical masks or face coverings but, as you know, there is a worldwide shortage. Highland greatly appreciates your collaboration and understanding on the provision of masks or face coverings for your staff.
This requirement has been added, along with a few other changes, to our Passenger Self Declaration Form that is attached to the email you received with this update.

New Action Taken

Highland has been developing a barrier to separate passengers in the rear of the aircraft from the Pilot and forward cockpit of the aircraft. We are currently working our way through regulatory requirements to ensure that we are able to install the barriers in accordance with Transport Canada regulations.

Please see below photos of the barriers






Actions Taken:

  • Continue disseminating Public Health Agency of Canada information regarding COVID-19;
  • Senior management team is holding daily COVID-19 meetings;
  • Implemented a communication protocol that allow us to ensure staff have received and read information;
  • Require all visitors or passengers to Highland bases or offices to complete a mandatory Self Declaration Form to confirm they have not traveled overseas in the last 14 days and do not have any COVID-19 symptoms;
    a. Our Base Managers, or designate, to email the Self Declaration Form to clients before the flight;
    b. Self Declaration Forms are to be signed and handed to Base Manager or designate on the day of the flight and prior to entering a Highland facility, even if that means our client has to do this in their vehicle;
  • Restricted entrance to our facilities;
    a. Highland Employees only;
    COVID-19 Client Update April 21, 2020
    b. Contractors as need only – Self Declaration Form required;
    c. Customers as need only – Self Declaration Form required; and
    d. Suppliers to drop off only.
  • Added Signage on the doors to our facilities indicating that the area may be restricted to Highland personnel only (where possible), this may mean finding an alternate way to get clients to the aircraft;
  • If a client needs to use the washroom, they are to be encouraged to wipe the taps/faucets down after use;
  • Increased signage related to hand washing;
  • After use; all areas must be wiped down with the provided disinfecting wipes, this includes, eating areas, washrooms, counter tops, door knobs;
  • Aircraft shall be placed outside and ready for flight rather than having the customer wait for the aircraft to be pushed outside;
  • When possible, clients are asked not to use the front passenger seat of our aircraft;
  • Daily aircraft cleaning includes cleaning headsets, seatbelt buckles, and door handles with provided disinfecting wipe;
  • Prior to each flight, disinfecting wipes (when available) shall be provided to passengers to wipe down their headsets, seatbelt buckle or door handle. Used wipes are to be placed in a zip lock bag and disposed of at the end of each day. During the Safety Orientation, or at a suitable time, Highland pilots will instruct passengers on the usage of the disinfecting wipes;
  • Where possible all staff that can work remotely, must work remotely;
  • All Pilots and Engineers will be on-site only as required, either to conduct maintenance on the aircraft or for a flight;
  • All staff are to follow social distancing requirements of 1 – 2 meters from other staff and customers;
  • All staff are/have to self-isolate when returning to Canada or if they have symptoms of COVID-19 or have come into contact with individuals who have, or are displaying, symptoms of COVID-19;
  • Monitoring potential provincial border closures that may affect the movement of staff;
  • Have developed a Pandemic Response Plan.

  • We hope this gives you continued confidence in the actions we are taking on your behalf. Highland remains committed to providing you with a safe travel environment. If you have any questions regarding Highland’s preparedness, please contact me directly.

    Simon Laight
    Chief Operating Officer
    Highland Helicopters Ltd.
    4240 Agar Drive, Richmond, BC
    V7B 1A3
    Office: 604.273.6161
    Cell: 604.813.4207







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