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Partners in Safety


Highland’s Health and Safety Management System (HSMS) is a systematic approach put in place by Highland to minimize the risk of injury and illness. It involves identifying, assessing, and controlling risks to all workers in all workplace operations. Our effective HSMS is a key component of our business; its scope and complexity will vary according to the type of worksite and the nature of the operations being conducted. Beyond our systematic approach, Highland is also committed to continuous improvement and we have implemented a four phase process of Plan-Do-Check-Act; Identifying and analyzing the problem; Developing and testing a potential solution; Measuring how effective the test solution was and analyzing whether it could be improved in any way; Implement the improved solution fully. At Highland, our workers health and safety are expressed as a value. Highland is committed to health & safety excellence and achieve success through a strong HSMS. Our effective HSMS helps prevent injuries, property loss, reduce costs, and supports due diligence. By developing a proactive approach to health and safety, Highland has identified eight essential elements that result in long-term financial and cultural benefits.

Our 8-element approach to accident prevention and Occupational Health & Safety, meet or exceed both Transport Canada and our Client’s safety requirements. It is proactive in nature and includes:

• Management involvement and commitment;
• Hazard identification and assessment;
• Hazard control;
• Training;
• Emergency response;
• Incident reporting and investigation;
• Corrective actions and
• Communications

Highland has an unwavering commitment to safety in its operations and its working environment. As one of the company’s core values, Safety, is our number one priority and it forms the bedrock on which Highland conducts its business on the ground and in the air. We are committed to provide a safe and healthy working environment for our employees and customers, free of all recognized hazards. In pursuing these goals, Highland has implemented a proactive HSMS that is embraced by our senior leadership team, cascaded to our supervisors, company personnel and customers.

Highland’s steadfast safety culture embodies a spirit of openness and also demonstrates support for staff and the systems of work. Senior management is accessible and dedicated to making the changes necessary to enhance safety. Our positive safety culture reinforces the entire safety achievement of the company and is critical to its success. The safety performance of the operations is monitored proactively to ensure that the key safety goals continue to be achieved.

Highland employs industry best practices, enabling our team to provide clients with the safest and most efficient service possible. DATS (Digital Action Tracking System) is the web-based report repository, training and task management software used by our entire team at Highland to report, assign tasks and document training. In addition, Highland has introduced AFF (Automatic Flight Following); all our aircraft are equipped with Spidertracks units that combine satellite tracking with Iridium based text communication. This allows our management, flight dispatchers and customers to see and communicate in real-time any information pertaining to the location of each aircraft via a secure web page and that also includes the ability to communicate with our pilots.

Highland is recognized by Energy Safety Canada (COR) and the BC Forest Safety Council. To ensure continued transparency of our safety record, Highland, provides accurate safety data to ISNetworld, ComplyWorks and Avetta. These safety monitoring and auditing websites allow or clients to evaluate the safety performance at Highland.

Highland believes that all employees are responsible for creating and maintaining a safe work environment. Safety SHALL come first and foremost, not only in our day to day operations, but in our quantifiable and dynamic reporting culture that involves every member of our team, every single day.